For the Bride: Why Hire a Calligrapher

Wedding season is upon us! This is my first year working in the wedding industry during wedding season and it has been crazy exciting and crazy exhausting! It's no secret that I LOVE weddings. In fact, sometimes I joke that I wish I were the wedding photographer or planner. They get to spend so much time with their brides and are involved in so many details of the wedding day. While I don't get to be quite as involved as a photographer or planner, I absolutely love when I get to be a part of a wedding through the detail of calligraphy. 

With wedding season kicking into full gear, I receive a lot of inquires and questions from brides about calligraphy for their wedding day. I thought it would be a good idea to take a few weeks to answer some of those questions here. We'll be covering topics from the timeline of your wedding invitations and corresponding calligraphy to even some tips for brides who want a calligraphy look but can't fit it in their budget. I thought a good place to start for this series would be to talk briefly about why a bride should consider investing in calligraphy. If you are a bride considering calligraphy for your big day, I hope this post will be helpful to you in processing through that decision!


There is SO much to think about when planning a wedding. It has been 4 years since I planned our wedding and I still remember very vividly how much it consumed my time and my thoughts. I loved it, but I was also overwhelmed by all there was to do. Invitations and their envelopes is where I see a lot of brides try to go the DIY route. It's also an area where I see a lot of brides regret going the DIY route. I can speak from experience. We bought our invitations from Michaels and chose to print them from my home printer. I spent an eternity trying to get those invites and envelopes lined up and going through the printer correctly. The amount of paper and ink I wasted was ridiculous! The amount of time I wasted was even more ridiculous. And let's not even talk about the anger, stress, and headaches it caused. When planning a wedding, the more you can delegate, the better. You'll enjoy the process more and feel less stressed. Investing in calligraphy allows you take one huge task off your to-do list and leaves you with a beautiful end result. It's a win-win in my opinion. 


What I love about calligraphy is that it is a small detail that makes a huge impact. I'm not saying that calligraphy is cheap, but when compared to other wedding costs, and the impact it can have in your photos and with your guests, I think it can leave a big bang for your buck. Guests get so excited to see their name in calligraphy, whether on an envelope or an escort card. It communicates attention to detail and is something that your guests both notice and remember. It is also something fun for them to keep as a memento of your wedding day. Calligraphy can also be a more cost effective way to create something really memorable and unique. In the first set of images below, bride Darby, had each escort card written in gold calligraphy, and then attached them to a vase with a flower for her guests to keep. This idea was unique, beautiful, and made her guests feel really cared about. The calligraphy cost her well under $100 but made a big impact in her photos and in the experience of her guests. I'll be sharing more in an upcoming post about other ways Darby created a unique experience for her guests using calligraphy and routes she took to make the calligraphy even more cost effective. Calligraphy is likely to be one of your least costly vendors, yet it leaves your guests feeling thought of and cared about. It enhances your photos (which is really all you have left after your day is over), and allows you the opportunity to create something really unique to make your wedding day stand out.


You Only Marry Once. Come on now, don't act like you had no idea what that acronym meant. ;) I first heard this term from Darby, the same bride mentioned above, and I thought it was hysterical and also so true. When she was contemplating other calligraphy details, her fiancee told her, "YOMO!". I thought it was so sweet that he wanted her to have the wedding day the way she envisioned. Now, let me be clear here. I do not believe there is ever a time when a bride and groom or their family should go into debt for a wedding. Your wedding is 8ish hours of your life, and while it may be one of the best and most beautiful days of your life, it's still just 8 hours and there is life afterwards to be considered. But if the budget is there, when else will you have an occasion so special that it calls for hand lettered envelopes, escort cards, signs, etc? You have likely spent hours searching for or creating the perfect invitation. Why not 'wow' your guests with a beautiful envelope as well? If you know your handwriting is not going to compliment your invitations, I especially beg you to hire a calligrapher! Nothing pains me more than a stunning invitation suite inside a not so stunningly addressed envelope. It is true that you could go the printed envelope route (although we already touched on the headache and time involved in that option) but again, I would argue that this is one of the most special occasions in your life (YOMO, people!), and it deserves a personal and beautiful touch. 

If you are a bride wondering if calligraphy is something you can make work in your budget, or if you are a bride looking to come up with ways to uniquely incorporate calligraphy into your wedding day, I would love to chat with you more! You can contact me here! Also if you have any questions regarding wedding day calligraphy or the process, leave a comment below. I'd love to help answer your questions! Come back next week as we continue with this series and talk about the invitation and calligraphy timeline!